Thursday, October 21, 2010

I got big butts and i cannot lie

Hello wonderful people, finals are coming and me? Study in the early weeks memang tak la. Huhu. Right after the last test which was business maths pasal annuity toots toots, terus keluar uitm and went overnight at Kuala Perlis. Hahah kidding yo. We didnt manage to get there because why? all of us girls sume cam out of mood lepas makan. And honestly speaking this week i cant stop feeling hungry. Again, my stomach yang macam blackhole ni does not seems satisfied with all the foods and i really really craving for tom yam and ikan pari.

So yeah study week. Everyboody dah pegi mandi sungai, tengok movie sume and berfoya-foya satu utara. Grr wanna go to penang badly. After finals siapla. And yesterday me and fatihah (kuno) supposed to go to ipoh. What for? saje laaa. hahaha but sadly both of us are too scared to drive and we were too spontaneous to go there with our last minute plan.

and i think i've gained weight! :o :O my sayang wants to take me to the gym during sem breaks.huhu hope i can wake up early.

ohh and i miss my besties so badly. I've found my geng uitm yang sekepala now. i noe lambat gila rite. after cuti raya baru nak bahagia. but oh well, better late than never.

meet my girls aka hamba-hamba :p
Shafinaz. Shida. Ana. Fana. mua. Fiza
and my wonderful gila roomates
Fina (kedah) Fatihah (kuno) Mimi (mat) ;p

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