Friday, October 29, 2010


i've started my lemon routine. and yes, i got a new mission. i called syamir the other day and shared with him my new discovery. huhu lemon baby. wanna treat my skin with that. i'll let you guys know if it works but me and my roomates were like bomoh dah. with knife and all. quite get a lot of attention when i brought that knife to the toilet with my rambut gerbang. :)

neways. i was followed by seorang makcik at Cmart. gosh that makcik scares me to hell la. i thought i was accused stealing those lemon ke apa

makcik: adikkk!!! tunggguuu!
mimi: huh?
makcik: awak beli ni ke? (pointing at the lemons)
mimi: erm beli je
makcik: yelah buat apa u beli tu?
mimi: hahaaa...errkk saya beli je
makcik: awak beli nak buat apa? jus ke? masak ke?
mimi: erk buat jus :)
makcik: jus?
mimi: ye jus
makcik: jus?
mimi: yeah.. (ok sumpah makcik ni pelik)
makcik: oh tak masam ke?
mimi: letak la gula

hoho okkk weird rite? in the end she said that she never saw anyone buy those lemon before and she guessed that im not from perlis. ok no wonder. but then she followed me to the toiletries section and promote me with all the soaps and shampoos. stalker!!! huhu

then reached uitm safely. no more psycho makcik and all but then i was followed by a kitten pulak sampai masuk my room. i got a new pet now. hahaha maybe my bag bau ikan bilis kot hohoho

ohh and guess what. arau dilanda puting beliung! hmm and where was i that time..Oh! main hujan :p

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