Monday, October 18, 2010

Bila larut malam

hello wonderful people, this week is all about dinner dinner and dinner. screw breakfast and lunch. :p

Diploma in Business Studies Dinner

theme: klasik melayu
okkk kira cam ala2 prom kat university i guess :)
warning: lots of my perasan-ted pics ofcoz hahaha. well, i dont have my own camera so i have to grab most of the pics on facebook which is sangat leceh and pening. hahaha im a noob.

as usual, my room jadi port untuk bersiap, so banyak nude scene la kat dalam bilik. :O hahha sooo not, im the only one yang suka buat free show pon hehhe.

actually, all of us were not really into this dinner firstly its because of the theme, klasik melayu? ala baju kurung and kebaya lagi== but in the end bila tengok everyone bersiap2 sume cam in the mood balik.

mira. shida.fiza.perempuan kabaret.shafinas

and here are the girls. in front of the corridor. cam rumah setinggan skit. huhu

budget hot bibir botox

it was a fun night :)
and now presenting dinner for

Business Faculty

theme: Dress to Impress

okk this dinner was not bad but everything was kinda messy. the theme was dress to impress so everybody wajibla nak glamorous kan. so, me and my friends pon melaram gila and only 12 people from my class yang kena represent our class for the dinner so 6 guys and 6 girls la yang pegi including me. my partner that night was iqbal :)

bazli anti DIGI

the thing is, when we reached there, our group mmng show stopper la. coz guess what, everybody was wearing kebaya and tak bergaya langsung. and i was wearing baju nak pegi clubbing je hahaha. awesooommeee

look at us, baju arab,errk shida tak nmpak,fana fon tak nampak and then ala2 rockstar, kaki clubber and salsa dancer. great combos huhu

after then went to big bear which is the so-called "starbucks" kat uitm ni and i think because of my baju i got discount from manager yang pakai merc hehe. i told you this post banyak perasan :p

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