Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raya 2010

hello wonderful's your raya? hmm for me i think this year's raya was kinda ok but not as great as last year. but i wouldn't say that this raya sucks bak kata syira, "Kalau raya dah rasa tak best maksudnya nak akhir zaman dah" wohooo scary much. So i tried to deny the statement eventho i noe takkan berkesan :p so anyways, my mission for this year's raya is try to connect and meet everyone as i could since lama kan tak jumpa everybody. teringat zaman dulu2 open house zaf and party mercun sampai gegar alarm rumah Dato' hahaha..

all i could say is this year's raya i spent my time mostly with my family. mercun pon this year banyak masuk angin and duit raya pon ciput je. hahah mimi what an ungrateful child you are! but me dont care. duit raya wajib masukk..

and i wanna say im sorry i couldnt meet some of you guys and i noe that everybody was busy with their raya too. one thing je hasrat tak dapat, nak convoy ramai2 pergi beraya every house but ohh well, next raya maybe? :D

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