Thursday, September 9, 2010

choo chooo!!!

Hello wonderful people! im home yaw! hahahahaaa..arrived safely at kl on the morning of 5th september 2010. Why did i get soo excited this time? it's becoz i went back by KTM yes bebeyh, Keretapi Tanah Melayu? hahaha okk i dun think KTM stands for that but yeah balik naik tren gitu..jakun kejap :p

although it takes 12hours of journey, which means plus 4more hours to the normal travel hours if you take a bus, but travelling by train memang best! i mean we can move around to the cafes,ballroom,toilet..heheh (ballroom sah tipu) but it's more adventurous when your in a train. Macam titanic and happy potter skit

One thing for sure, you can ambik kesempatan yang amat sangat when you're in a train. coz why?

Dalam train sangat shakey tau. goyang sana, goyang sini so boleh la buat2 terjatuh kat atas lap mr hotstuff or anyone .hahahha no one can blame you rite? its an accident :p

ohh and guess what ada orang makeout dalam selimut. hohoho sume gilir2 nak pegi tengok and last2 the girl tetiba tukar pakai skirt..ooooo..

plus, most people there were uitm students and our group pon dah 12 orang, so memang gerabak tu kita yang punya la..slumber je nak guna dvd player and pasang cerita REC and then the security was like, "sape punya cd ni?" hehehe..

reached KL central the next day at 7 am in the morning. But next time i'll travel by bus ofcoz. this is just for the sake of experience :D

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