Monday, May 31, 2010


My body made-up of awesome people around me


Why college has to start so early?

Sekarang ini only :

+ Me

+ Syamir Killers (May 22nd)

+ Amar Pakistani (May 23rd)

+ Nunu Candy (May 23rd)

+ Syirawr Lynx (May 31st)

+ Mimi Mimot (June 26th)

+ Shiqinisyah (May 31st)

+ Alia Budak Kecil (July 20th)

+ Hanna Banana (since January)

+ Zaffy Affendi (May 23rd)

-got this from

ohhhh its soo true. im all sad and lonely rite now.

my new mission

im gonna be a serial dater? muahahah

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