Wednesday, May 19, 2010

never too far away

i've decided to choose UiTM Arau, Perlis instead of Unitar, Kj. yes i've made up my mind. after all the decision making, including emotionally and physically aspects. i want to go far far away from here. ok i'll have to admit it that 60% of my decision is based on emotion but well bila lagi kan nak pegi jauh2 tengok tempat orang.

since most of my frens are going to uni this sunday. im all so sad and in missing mode rite now.

:( im sooo gonna miss everybody. seriously. after i found out that most of my frens are going away, especially sofia and syamir, gossh immediately, emoness came into me .argh it must be hard to find another karaoke/pool/gay partner in my life. no one can replace my sofia.
and dear friends. i realised that sometimes i do have this feelings that im not good enough to be your friend but certainly i noe that you guys are the people that i really love troughout my teenage life. (wahh)
all i wanted to say here is, i wish you guys happy uni life and please take care of yourself. whoever you are, my girlfrens or my boyfriends and dont ever ever forget your petite, loud and annoying friend here. i love you guys a lot! and i hope whenever we meet again in the future, we can still be the same but newly improved 'us'. :)

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