Wednesday, May 19, 2010

its been ages

its been a hectic week for me. hoho i felt like i didnt get to sit at home and watch tv pon but i looovee going out of course. soo this week its all about zaf. hahah birthday week kan plus everybody is leaving to uni. so this is the time to hangout and hangout sampai jemu. aww im started to miss everybody already.

went to zaf's party at krash pad. first time drove to KL without PG13 yo and kinda excited la..

who has the sexiest butt? aha aha

angkut faiz, rauf, syamir and safwan. i tell you, driving with safwan in the car was such a pain in the ass. kalah bawak makcik yang suka pot pet sana sini. with jalan Kl and manual all ==

walked from sogo to krash pad. tak leh blah sume peluh2 but we made it safely. sampai2 dengar bunyi budak2 gelak gelak :)

performance by budak2 krash pad yang muka cam zainal (geng skolah rendah)

ohohoh that black-shirt girl looked soo familiar. heheh sang 'telephone' live for the first time on stage. omg i can feel my urat leher terpecah dua. im gaga and nunu beyonce. the crowd was not bad la hahah all they know masa part nyanyi eh eh eh eh je.. lama2 dengar cam dangdut

safwan, sofia and muscle tony roma's XD

hanna and zaf

aww zaf and baby may. i think so.. hehehe

ohh it was so sweet of her to share her birthday party with the kids. you noe its hard to find people who willing to share special moments with other people, including me haha .soo i salute zaf for that :)

the rest of the pics is with fadzil and hanna. i wont post other pics here coz why? my cam sucks hahaha

my cam does not conceal anything. look at this pic for example. heheh muka minyak sume

what happened next?

after party around KL :)

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