Saturday, May 8, 2010

internal flames

i think living in the 80's is kinda cool. minus the frizzy hair and all but they said zaman 80's la fashion sume mengarut and the guys wear tight fitting clothes


remember when we were in sekolah rendah, everybody wore baggy pants...retrooo

neways im having a dilemma about studies and all. i have to choose between going to arau, perlis or study here at unitar, kelana jaya. both have pros and cons and its sooo confusing. unitar is too near and no campus life but arau is soo damn far. plus yesterday i searched some infos about arau and guess what? arau is famous bcause kat situ banyak pontianaks!!!! i never seen a vampire before. pontianak is a vampire aite? vampire melayu hahah..

maybe i could find my edward cullen there. :)

and i just realised i got addiction towards beauty products..==

ps. which one is better eh? uitm or unitar? need some opinions

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