Sunday, May 2, 2010

krash pad

hello everybody. sorry for the emo posts from me. im such a drama queen i noe but wtv la. im cured. no more sleepless night. oh ohh and i wanna thanks to everybody who asked me whether im ok or not, and asked me how am i doing. im so touched seriously. i love you guys. see, i told you that you guys are awesome! muah muahh

okkk stop stop stop talking now. back to krash pad. went to krash pad with zaf and alia the other day. hell naik lrt pegi masjid jamek sangat confusing. plus, u noe me aite never really good with directions but anyways i survived! the night before i got this not so good feeling and i told zaf i wanted to bring pedang or pisau lipat for protection.hehe

reached there safely and im kinda nervous to see the kids. but sadly, the kids went to a trip to PJ.== soo kita pon bermaha kuasa la kat situ..

zaf and alia

main saidina. omggg this game dah lama tak main. kat rumah dah berhabuk dah board ni

muka siput jumpa artis!!!

met abang ian, the british lad yang zaf cakap tu. his face was awry jugakla but kinda berminyak. hehe and i still think that his kinda blurry :p

lukisan hari kantin. hanya lukisan yang cantik sahaja ada dalam gamba ni. hehe ( alia punya paling cantik actually)

went to sogo for lunch

haha alia lambat lintas.comel je

this road i tell u, the cars were like super ganas and laju. they never gave any chance for us to cross the road. we pretended to be tourists from indon.

while crossing

mimi: ayuh cepatan zafff!!! kita harus lintasss

zaf: yeah cepataann!! hangat bangat!!


gadis indon berposing part 2!

at lassst ice kacang

went back to krash pad and this time some of the kids were there. read zaf's blog for more info. heehee

masa balik sesat lagi. thanks to me. :)

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