Friday, February 26, 2010

i sleep like a srimp

hello everybody.. i've been observing myself for these past few days..observing? in the good way la of course *kening kening* and i found out that i may sleep like a srimp. udang okk and i googled about what does sleeping position say about you. im curious la maybe it turned out i have the personality of a phedophile or something..jeng jeng jeng

1.The Fetal
fetal-position sleepers are generally tough on the outside, but soft and sensitive at heart. They're usually shy when first meeting someone, but soon open up and relax. Twice as many women as men sleep like this.

2.The Log
Those who lie on their side with both arms down are usually social, outgoing and enjoy being part of the in-crowd. "Logs" are very trusting of strangers, but are often characterized as gullible.

3.The Yearner
Yearners sleep on their sides with both arms stretched out in front of them. They are said to have an open nature, but tend to be slightly suspicious and cynical. It takes them a while to make up their minds, but once they decide on something, they rarely waver.

4.The Soldier
If you sleep on your back with both arms pinned at your sides, chances are you are quiet and reserved. You don't like to make a fuss, but do set high standards for yourself and others. Not-so-fun fact: Soldier-sleepers are more likely to snore and have a bad night's sleep.

5.The Freefall
Brace yourself: People who sleep on their stomachs with hands up around their head can come off as brash and unreserved, but are really a little nervy and thin-skinned underneath. Freefallers don't like criticism or extreme situations. Fun fact: Sleeping like this is good for digestion.

6.The Starfish
If you like on your back with both arms up on your pillow, you are always ready to listen and often offer help where needed. Starfish sleepers generally make good friends -- but tend to dislike being the center of attention. Not-so-fun fact: Typically leads to snoring and restless sleep.

studies showed that most people didnt noe how they sleep.

rakamlah diri anda ketika tidur.

you will never noe what you will see..

and i still dunno what does sleeping like a srimp means...=.=

oh ohh sleeping beauty sleeps like a soldier

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