Monday, March 8, 2010

3 mac

once upon a time, there was a girl meets a girl. they have a very different personalities. one girl is a pieces and the other one is a leo. if you read too many horoscope compatibility, pieces and leo will never ngam with each other.
but in this two girl's case...
everything is possible.
hahah lameee..


ur turning 18 already and you can watch xxx movies legally hahhaha..
all i want to say is, have a wonderful year..wait! not just this year, every year foreva and ever. and i still remember masa detik2 pertemuan kita kat sekolah rendah. dulu kita sombong kan? masing2 cam tengok pelik2. then masa skolah menngah i was in the same class as you and kita pakai beg skolah warna pink sama2. awww kita mmng gay. and i realllllyyyy reallyyyy appreciate to have a fren like you coz why? coz why??
altough sometimes we dont agree with each other, have very different taste of guys and prespective, but anywhere somehow kita boleh jadi besties. bak kata pepatah. opposite attracts kan? hahahha i think in our friendship, you are like a big sista to me and i really glad to have a bestie like you :)



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