Sunday, March 21, 2010

big girls dont cry

sorry bloggy, i forgot about your existence again. my life was pretty much down lately but thank god i think i get to see the cahaya sinaran harapan sekarang.

okk im blogging in front of my family rite now. sume orang tengh kumpul kat meja makan and i was typing here sengih sengih macam biasa.

one the first week of school holidays, ceeh macamla still budak skolah lagi. :p went to Pahang with my family. that place was so sejukkkkkk.. and agak romantic of course. aww i hate going to romantic places, it reminds me of cupcakes and weddings and kissing? ;0

our short vacation was kinda ok la. agak tekejut coz this trip was kinda tak terancang and im still in my mati mood but overall i had fun jugakla.

im too lazy to upload any pics.

anyway, i already bought a red lipstick! yippe dubble dee dumm!

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