Tuesday, March 9, 2010

shiqin's/ girls day out

pada suatu tengah malam yang buta, nunu and i got some girlish powerpuff idea...

how about we plan a girls day out!!! weeee!!!

so...we did! we invited the girls to join forces and jayakan our girls day out.

awww!!!! how adorable..hahahha ok okk reality check. we actually got some or should i say banyak jugakla weird look from everybody kat curve. hahha kitaorng cam dari persatuan florist sedunia. it was reaally akward at first coz all of us were wearing maxi dresses except for zaf and alia but then bila tengok balik, it wasnt that bad kan? hahah. ohh alia joined us later at night.

and the activities for that day...


wohooo we played 3 rounds of bowling okkk..habis jari kuku tangan kebas. cukup untuk melepaskan mengidam main bowling selama setahun.

oh ohhhh!!! that is shiqin. hahahah well... the truth is, the girls day out on that day was actually a cover for shiqin's birthday la.

after chilling out for a while, we took a long road to chocolate lounge and.........

jeng jeng jeng

jeng jeng jeng



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