Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bb alert

hello week started very very badly since the 1st of march. haihhh it seems that this month is suckish for me. karma hates me so much.

talk about bad luck, i lost my phone. just after i did a really really bad prank call to my friends. *ngehe* and duuhhhh of course im really depressed. who doesnt.

then, the next day i failed my jpj test! again. stupid ******** jpj. hati batu! i dont wanna talk about it and i almost get to talk to mr taylor lautner wannabe

and now. i just got my spm results already. haihhhh big bummer. not very happy about it either.

i've been drinking cofee since i got the results.
if coffee is considered as an alcoholic drink.
u can call me a disturbing alcoholic person.
or i could be sooo wasted by now.


oh ohh. i renewed my sim card. you can call me with the same 016 num. feel free to entertain me yeah.
and i would really love to have a red lipstick.

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