Friday, March 26, 2010


went bowling with syamir flowers, shiqin awesome, nunu gaga and sexy zen. its kinda macam a little farewell party for syamir before NS and bowling memang tak leh blah la. the deal is, sape kalah kena blanja ice cream

i blamed the balls for not giving me the victory.macam white chocolate dekat lantai kott and everybody nak kalahkan mr flowers and gaga. it was a very close competition between gaga and flowers but in the end, mr flowers yang menang. cis! it should have been me. luckily none of them yang terkena my tipu muslihat tertukar lane. hehe

after bowling, watched remember me! haha sorry zaf and syamir. macamana korang bleh tido? rob patts hot gila kotts hahahah

i wanna have boyfie like tyler (rob patts yang hot berlakon)

awww look at that very-the-ganas facial expression and luka2 tu.
macho!!! :p
after that, went karaoke with syamir, shiqin,nunu and fadzil and makan malam at idaman

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