Sunday, February 14, 2010

syams day out

i found these pics in my camera.
i was supposed to blog about it since yes syamir, u want me to blog about our first-outing-together-since-we-met-kan? nahh ambik kau XD
i dunno when, january, 2010

this is a story about a boy, meets a wonderful fabulous girl..and we become..erkk adik beradik tak sama ibu bapa?

hahah i still remember he has to wait for me about an hour sebab mimi yang suka lambat2 ni terlebih lambat. sorry syamir. and luckily i saw nunu on the way to meet syamir coz i was freaking scared that syamir akan marah ke apa. hehee

so yeahh..our plan and activities for that day agak tak menjadi la coz firstly, i was late..then we supposed to wear something matching and cantik2 (fyi thats his plan) pon tak jadi and before he went out he checked fb yang magic prediction wtv that is kata yang he's gonna have a bad luck related to no 17! we only get to melawat fadzil, alia and nunu at work. arman and harith was off that day. =.=

look at this pic carefully.

asal kepala syamir senget!!!! hahahah

overall, i had fun. it was kinda weird actually going out just both of us. but hey. bila lagi nak kuar kan? XD

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