Thursday, October 22, 2009


i was sitting on my favourite chair which is made of wood. jati i guess
everybody knows that i love that chair. It's the only furniture that i love in my lovely house..ehh..second la after my bed. I love my bed.

anyway..everytime i want to enjoy my life watching in front of my beautiful tv screen, reading horoscope and magazines or maybe drink beloved chair is the place to be.

one fineeeee wonderful dayyy.... dayyyy!!! dayyyy!!!! deiiii!!!!!
i saw a creature. A creature which is surely not a 'man's best friend' and will never be. To some women, this creature can grab away the beauty or values of their belongings..

Anai- anai...

yes, i saw an anai-anai
i saw an 'anai-anai' being cosy and try to get closer to my beloved chair.
my heart pounced and anger started to take control of me.
i stared at that creature....but of course, anai-anai can't read minds..they're not phychic. stupid??

hmm..maybe not..ngeh..

i cant imagine what will happend to my beloved chair if that creature still messing around with it. it's hard for me to catch that pest coz i just simply can't. i'm too scared to get close to it.

kinda useless to me..

i hope my chair will not rot..
coz i really like that chair.

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