Friday, October 9, 2009


beyonce is coming to malaysia aite?? hahaha

well i dunno much about the tix price sume but syamir and fadzil said that if u make a banner that can make beyonce look/tertarik/terpikat/tergoda at you, u can win 10 tickets for free.

bak kata mereka la..

so..if you guys are terribly cracking your heads to find ideas for beyonce to look at you..

here's some of my ideas..crappy but maybe work.

1. Make your banner from super big scented paper.

why scented paper? because..beyonce will be wondering "what? a blank paper without my face on it??" (beyonce's slang) but she will be damn flattered because when the wind blows the scented paper, she can actually smell her perfume..isn't that romantic?hohoho.see beyonce dah tertarik. but this may causes air pollution and if beyonce has a flu..kesiannnn..

2. Write out all her lyrics on that banner.

well this is kinda common, but make sure you use glow in the dark paint juz like in i gotta feeling video clip tu. this helps beyonce to have better vission at night and you guys can shine in the crowd. plus if one of you guys get lost. he/she could be easily noticed.

oh..if you guys cannot find the paint, fret not, you can always use torchlight


3. Make a lifesize banner/mannequin that look just like beyonce and put it on your shoulder..


i guarantee!!! that beyonce can see you from far far away..
anywayy amigosss get ready to practice our single ladiesss ngahaha after spm kita berdansa!!!

good luck.



  1. you are seriously bizarrely weird mimi. and im pretty sure you already know that. ahahaha :D

  2. weierrddd???ahahaha omg aku rasa mcm kat salad fingers.nunu mesti bangga.shiqin kau jadilah peminat blog aku. Xp