Tuesday, October 6, 2009

homeless guy

last monday, when i was walking to the place where budak2 bawak pokok lepak.

i smelled something..

something that i can't describe by words. i followed the smell and i saw..

i saw..

a human...

a homeless guy.

i was shocked and surprised. who could this person be?

kesian dia..everybody gave him a mean look. he looked so hungry and miserable.

i wanted to derma him rm1 but i was too scared that maybe he would grab me or something. giri, rauf and arman pon sama. sume takut.hehe
zaf n nunu wanted to give him a makeover juz like in that show keeping up with the kardashians
well i guess he really needs it.

anyway I feel so bad to him. i did laugh at him hehe. a bit je because i was so shocked but in the end i was left alone with that dude okkk!!! balasan dunia.

i wonder..maybe that homeless guy is not human. maybe he's here because of some reason.
maybe he wanted to see how we people react when we see a person like him.

hmm.. if he's not human, i guess i will die first coz i did laugh at him.huhu
ohh..i take it back la..he is human. i saw him jalan2 at kayu ara.budak2 kacau.

goodbye homeless guy.take care.

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