Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Im here to blog. The one and only Syamir.

Hello mate.
Syamir here, yes your magnet friend.
Told you I can hack your account, Miss MiMi. Since you are lazy to update or busy studying the 9 subjects for the major exam, Im here to update your blog. Oh, I cant believe SPM is just next month!!
October is not a good month for me, so yeah...

Anyway, this is my prediction on what my friends gonna be, kerja sebagai.....
Fadzil- Mechatronics Engineer
Mimi- scriptwriter for a movie or tv shows or maybe movie director
Shiqin- something like research and development in medical field, part time cafe owner
Syira- business girl and then create her own clothing line
Nunu- Lawyer or dentist
Zaf- anesthesiologist
Jabir- Ustaz or Peguam Syariah
Nanisia- probably after graduate, they become a group singer. Something like Spice Girls but they name their group after themselves "Lady nanisia"
I want to predict more, but Im scared if they tak puas hati then they will BOOM me.

Oh hmm jangan marah.
Just my prediction, not true, not true( I hope)
So, do you want me to predict your future job too?
If yes, just ask me.

Oh I need to drink fresh milk. I'll hack MiMi's account again.
Bye-bye lovers and magnets.
-Ahmad Syamir Akif.

1 comment:

  1. hackeerrr!!!! hahahaha okla you'll be featuring in my blog once in a while..
    jangn tulis benda2 mengarut sudah..
    if not i'll kick ur ass ngehehe..