Thursday, December 24, 2009


hello now officially broke! haha yeah pokai. woah this is the first time im announcing this statement in public reading material but ohh well saya sudah muflis and bak kata syakirah, which is true, but its kinda weird la since im always at home mereput and menggemukkan diri mesti ada orng korek my tabung ayam..heehe

anyway..pmr results dah kuar kan? im sorry if i didnt ask them about their results because yeah im kinda scared and i dont want people to think that im being nosy aite? oh oh and surprisingly i noticed that people think that im the one who's taking pmr. i have registered to learn driving today and the woman at the counter looked at me for like seribu kali and asked

woman: ermm..awak ni umur brape tahun eh?
mimi yang adorable: haha saya ni umur 17 tahun
woman: ye ke? kenapa kecik sangat?
mimi yang adorable: (kecik? apa yang kecik? Xp)
woman: awak nmpak macam baru abis pmr

hoho muka i nampak muda yo. tak payah nak makan ulam petai..Xp
a few days ago i've been arrested by the gsc people yang muka macam raja lawak because i dont look 18. cis next month je kott what's the diff mann?? haha

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