Sunday, December 27, 2009


woke up at 8 something in the morning and i saw my camera beside me and apa lagi,

morning cam whoring laa.. ;p

baik untuk kesihatan okk..i read an article said that if you look into the mirror when you wake up first thing in the morning and looked beutiful, it means that you are naturally beautiful.heheh sorry about this disturbing pic. i may look like a dude heheh. i miss my cam whoring days..ok you guys boleh muntah sekarang

anyway..went to curve and shopping like mad. dahla broke tak sedar diri nak shopping jugak. well, there's some drama rama but then i was in a very good mood so after shopping hadiah nunu and anis went to nunu's house by cab. and the cabbbb, i tell you suparjo betol! he charged me for freaking rm30 from curve to nunu's house and tau tau pulak that i was kinda desperate housewife that time. gosshh duit terbang begitu sahaja.

tips: never ever ever tahan taxi when you're not emotionally stable

yeahh.the dinner was lovely. girl power bebeh..

garden ladies+harith hisyam. aww my tangan goyang2

me.lovely anis sofia

iklan shampoo baby! kibas2 rambut

hanna+anis yang gorgeous

we just saw SANTA!

i luv this pic :)

harith nak masuk girls toilet

bombastic tele fantastic mr roba roba rooow

kasut sape yang cacat tu? (hehee)

thanks for inviting me ladies and anis sofia, im going to miss you! have a safe journey tau!!

oh ohh and surprise surprise..zaf gets to meet the plain melayu! hoho zul kan nama dia?

we were sooo jakun okkk..and i was kinda tergamam kejap sebab i expect that he looks macam bushy bushy and pelik but it turns out agak handsome jugakla. it was a very express meeting like 5 minit camtu je but luckily ada gamba hahaha..check out zaf's blog ;p

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