Sunday, December 13, 2009

I wake up in the morning feeling like Awie..
woooshhh my voice turned into pondan in just one day. marvellous..i'll blame that sushi telur ikan that made me into this. hoho too much aji no moto..yes aji yang takde motor.. lolololl

so..since my mom forced me to go to the clinic. so yeah i went then met this old man. (the doctor of course)

doctor: hello..sakit apa?(i cant remember the actual dialog actully but nvm..Xp)
mimi: oh watsup..(teringin nak ckp camtu) erm sakit tekak sikit

*the doctor examined my throat,mouth dan sebagainya
*scribble-scrible onto his notes
*smile, scribble-scribble
*i smiled back
*stopped scribbling

doctor: i think you need to see the dentist
mimi: huh? dentist? why?
doctor: because your teeth banyak lapis

cis!! macam alien vs predatorrrrr!!!

congatulations're the 12 person who told me that
huhu i thought that he saw a baby tooth on my throat ke apa but its ok, its alright
im going to work and get my braces.hoho kan shiqin kan??

neway i've done shopping for my prom. goodness its was damn tiring to find perfect shoe.
i hope that i could walk in those heels. i practised walking in them since i bought it. hahah
oh ya, i found an article said that if you're a petite, you shouldnt wear heels that is more than 3 or 4 inch. boooooo!!!

of course la i engkar. wajibla pakai tinggi-tinggi,pijak orang boleh mati sume. huhu
terasa cam secretary yang tunggu nak goda orng skit.. Xp


  1. he's an old man, but manalah tau kau bleh terpikat jugak kat dia heheh and dia cakap macam ada epal dalam mulut dia..crunch sana sini..