Thursday, December 30, 2010

as we go on, we remember

This petite monster, manual queen and happy-go-lucky girl. Always there to cheer you up. But careful, kecil-kecil chili padi

aww i love you lah fadzil, pandai menjaga hati this petite monster. haha. this statement made my day :)

seriously im gonna miss everybody. been listening to 90's songs nowdays. feeling emo. maybe its the new year's blue? hoho

new year's resolution : grow up and be a mann!! yeah ehh wait im gonna grow up to be a woman la kan? :p that's the most effortless resolution ever! hahah everybody's gotta grow up

and i wanna say im sorry to everyone for everything i did in 2010 and thank you for making my life so colorful. 2011 here i come. 2012 dah nak kiamat dah! HAHA sumpah khurafat

ps : i love my awesome friends and family
i love you muhammad haziq

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