Thursday, January 13, 2011

prosperity burger

hello wonderful people! its been a while since the last post. too lazy. im back to the place called nowhere and i've been miserably sick for the week. gosh! rasa nak mati. hahahha i had a very bad fever and stomach ache. and noooo it's not a period pain ok people. i repeat, it's not a period pain. i almost dibawa ke icu and x-ray. HAHA NOTT! im just kidding. im miss strong ok :D

not been sleeping for 3 days and have to menjalani hari-hari yang bosan zzz
thank god im feeling hell yeah better now. thanks to my wonderful roomates yang bagi me full queen treatment and taking care of me hehhe and to my hubby, even you'r far away but i still can feel your loovee HAHAHAH omg somebody kill me.

can't wait for CNY! tong tong tong cheng! 7 days in a place called somewhere! yippeee..

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