Sunday, January 30, 2011

a year without rain

missing you is one thing. but seeing you after parting for months is another thing.

went out with my hubby yesterday fusshh! what a drama rama start. actually it was nothing but despite of having mini pms after my car gave me a bloody problem i almost cancelled the date. i was supposed to pick him up since he cant use the car that day. soo dah bersiap and all, hopped into the car and start the engine.

yayy yayy tak sabar! start start start! WTFF apa nii!!!!!
yea bebeh. the car won't start. it did at first but then the engine keep making noises and kept dying! daripada mati meletup dalam kereta baik keluar kan? hahaha it was raining and i sat on the floor outside patah harapan.

okk such a drama queen. but theeennn..tetiba rasa macam dalam fairy tale when he told me that he can pick me. yay! happy la duhhh but still i was angry at my car so im kinda not in the mood.

but our date went well.. watched the tourist bebeh! love love loooove johnny depp and angelina jolie. i find that movie kinda romantic hehehe

my boy

we did our usual stuff together and love every moment of it. for some people maybe this post is just something corny and coming from me memang sangat jarang la but if anyone who's been into long distance relationship, they will get the feeling.
and all i wanna say muhammad haziq, one day with you is like everything to me.

love you baby. i can't imagine if we're parted longer than this.

have to make this CNY holiday sangat bermakna.

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