Wednesday, November 25, 2009

roma romama

3 + 3 papers... GONE FOR ETERNITY

add math paper was bloody hell!
i can't stop termenung bila habis. it's like you have been in coma for i dunno how many years and when you woke up you have armpit hair like santa.

i got a new theory about add math. i think it was created by satan. hohoh
tak sampai hati nak google creator of add math Xp
anyway. spent 4 hours before the paper of horror with amigos and zafirah at my house. kitaorng cakap banyak sangat sampai nak siap im kinda kelam kabut and wore my camisole terbalik..hehe

tetiba teringat kat mr ben. XD i hope our next papers tak buat otak-otak kita terbakar

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