Saturday, November 7, 2009

stupid salesperson!

gosshhhh i'm sooo pissed off. i dunno what's wrong with me these days but i get angry and annoyed easily. is it because of spm or hormone tak balance. bahhh

i hate when people treated me like a 12-years old kid yang baru lepas upsr and tak tau buat pape. eventhough that im kinda short and look kinda childish, it doesn't mean that i have no pride and doesn't need to be respect. hello!! im big enough to judge what's good and bad, mana yang mahal murah, rosak or cantik missy!!!
and if i'm a 12-years old kid sekaliponnnnn, i'm the customer and I'M the one with the money and that stupid salesperson don't deserve to embarrassed me in public!!

nak kata my dressing macam budak kecik pon tak jugak. i'm fully well dressed but still sometimes people just tend to look at me like a small kid. hello!! respect la skit. mentang2 la tinggi..

haihhh..i'm not being ungrateful or anything is just that how some people treated me like this had made me feel so small and grew into some kind of stupid inferiority. bangang punya kedai. lain kali tak nak pegi dah.


  1. ohhh which stupid shop was it? tell me so aku pun tak nak gi ah

  2. hahaha its funny how both of us want different things mims, kau nak orang pandang kau mcm grown up, aku nak orang pandang aku macam budak kecik. like seriously. -___-"