Thursday, November 5, 2009

mambo jumbo day!

it's a mumbo jumbo day! gila hectic. dah lama tak penat and occupied camni since form 3.
i went to school to help fadzil jadi QM yang berhemah and there was some kind for nike traning stuff siap ada orng2 kumpulan HUJAN wannabe yang jadi host. if i knew kena lari 2km je i should have been participate dah..

so me and nunu have to jaga one of the pit stop yang ada signboard "PUSH MYSELF" we were kinda bersemangat at first coz well ehem boleh nmpak orng2 lari yang peluh2 macam baywatch but then, it's not an easy job okk!!! we have to face 2 dogs pooing in front of us ngn hujan renyai2.sumpah kitaorng nampak cam pemotong rumput. dahla kena usha ngn mamat lori daun.. if i'm not mistaken, dia cakap.." abang nak lari sama" eeeeeeeeeeee... round 3 kali kotttt!!! i think that guy likes nunu..hahah!!

after that we went ou to watch pisau cukur. by that time, my neck was killing me. ohh yes, i had this terrible neck-ache. tersalah buat senaman kott heheh i felt like i'm that dude in that movie shutter. wooshhh i have to sit up straight and prayed that nobody calls me on the left.

shiqin went crazy okkk!!! baling popcorn ngan kotak2 sekali.dengan hebatnya i managed to avoid those flying rubbish. oh ya shiqin, shahredza minhat tak dapat goda aku lagi..hahahah

and then i got home like around 530. had to rushed for seminar at 7 and yeahhh me and syira arrived super glamorous okkk!! hahaha for more details read syira's blog..

i totally love the spotlight! XD

at back home. tengok true blood final episode :D


  1. damn he is so hot i feel like licking every inch of his body :P okay i take that back cus it sounded disgusting and is making me look like a pervert. -____-"