Monday, November 2, 2009

hairless armpits!!!

hello people..
have you guys been missing me?
hehehe i almost forgot that i have a blog and well yeah im kinda scared for spm.
seriously major nervous takoot and everything!!!!!
spm is just how many days ahead..

hmmppphhh!!! anyway. while we are busy studying, we must not forget to take care of our appearance and the most important thing is our health and fitness..

soo... if you are too lazy to shave your armpit hair, which is seriously erm okkkaaayyy..sangat tak hygenic kott especially if you're a girl..amalkan petua di bawah so that you dont have to shave them foreva...

all you need is...

jeng jeng jeng....

a few limes.. yesss!! LIME BABY!! or in malay, limau purut.

yeah and this not sure what is this thing called but is it a grater? or pemarut..

just find these stuff in your kitchen and start your hairless armpits project.

ok ladies,

all you need to do is, use the limes and don't cut them or anything. just take one lime and scrape ..(is it the right word??)

okkk..scrape the skin of the lime until you obtain some lime powder (haha) use them and put it in your food. the best is you put them in your plate of rice and eat them.

repeat everyday for best results.

easy peasy..i dont know the scientific explanation of this ingredient but you can google it if you want to. i got this petua from one of my makcik and her face was soo damn sure about this and she was actually whispering when she told me about it. i guess it supposed to be a secret but hoho i shared it with you guys.

i never tried this before but you guys can be my hamsters hehe..

gud luck and yeahh, for guys or jejaka jejaka handsome..please dont try this at home..

non-bulu man is ssooooo tak macho..heheh


and happy studying!!!!!

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