Friday, November 27, 2009

you only live once

ooohhhh....i don't have mood to study today, so it's better for me to blog rather than doing nothing aite? hohoho anyway i think i'm going to be sick. these are a few symptoms that im having..

1.sakit perut

this sakit perut is the weird one i tell ya. i've not been eating regularly since exams but then i ate alot and i still feel that the food is not enough. everytime i ate something, the food just go poof! vanished in my stomach. my stomach feels hollow. it's like supermassive black hole.


i seldom got flu. maybe it's because of the weather. i used to like sunny days but now since malaysia asyik ditimpa hujan, the rain makes me go ooouuu lala. cold weather turns me on yo! i feel all the romantica in me when im exposed to cold air. hahaha air cond excluded. so when i found out that yesterday was kinda sunny, my nose like an iceberg melting slowly and went all gooey. i hope it doesnt effect my throat. nnti suara jadi amy search hehhe.

3.erm mini ketumbit

i always get ketumbit nowdays especially when i touch olie (my big fat cat). i actually did an experiment. everytime when i touch olie and then i touch my eyes, alakazaaammm hello mini ketumbit! Xp kalau tak percaya u guys are very welcome to try it at home. heheh

oh oh i didnt know that today was hari raya korban until my granny told me that there were no ingredients to make rendang. hoho im soo in alam doraemon.

so yeah, to all my friends,

selamat hari raya korban.....


happy stu'dying'!!! ;p

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