Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i lost my hair in the desert

i got a job. yes! im working with my dad now. as what? a driver! weee ==

dyed my nenek's hair yesterday. she wanted to be a brunette so dengan excitednya, me, the jobless girl wanted to show off my hairstyling talent.

she wanted to use henna so kira cam halal la and senang nak luntur. so bancuh punya bancuh i put them on my nenek's hair. urut2 twirl2 rambut and all. i felt like a pro of course.
after that, i went jogging while waiting for my nenek's hair to get dry.

then.. 2 hours later.

hoohoohho sorry nenek
damnn i dunno how it turned out to be kelabu but it was not that bad la.
her hair looks kinda lebat and surprisingly that colour made my nenek looks younger than her age. xp

i think its because the henna la. dah expired ke apa. nasib baik tak kena saman. she kinda love her tresses now. lovey lovely loo..

ohh and i cut my hair. taylor momsen konon. more like a moth. i hate when it comes to hairdresser. i wanna cut my bangs je but they will pujuk rayu to cut the rest of my hair guna alasan nak trim but last2 potong habis. :(
hair grow growww!!!

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