Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i got a piece of paper

hello sunshine dust. i love to sleep.. yes i do lovveee to sleeepppp
yelah nothing to do at home kan.

okk i watched ' so you think you can dance ' yesterday and i tried to copy one of the contestant's dance moves and fuhhh i felt like a lobster.lemak perut sume bergoyang gembira. hoho

and then i realised, i love dancing. yess dancing! dance to kill, kill to dance.
i sprained my ankle once while dancing in front of the mirror. goshh my mom dont want to take me to the hospital coz dulu2 when she was young, she jumped across a big longkang to watch p.ramlee movie ibu mertuaku and fell sampai kaki terkeluar tulang. and she refused to go to hospital. so she said tht i have to be like her. ==

pakai balutan kat kaki pegi sekolah. i get to wear slippers to school! yeah im a rebel!

sooo my next mission,
buy a bikini..two piece! Xp
go to the beach
and do a cartwheel


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