Thursday, November 25, 2010

lesbo day out part 2

hello wonderful people! remember the latest lesbo outing? no? haha ok ok..went out with nunu last week. omg nunu i miss those days la..sumpah dah lama tak hangout dua orang together macam ni.

since my holidays already started and nunu has only one week of holiday left, we decided to reunite again. 2 become 1 eh? hehehe SPICE GIRL!
okla maybe m2m :D

so picked up nunu and drove to Ou. ok typical me, mesti nak sejam lewat and guess what? we had a near death experience okkk! naik bukit parking OU guna gear tiga and mati engine, and my car reversed ke belakang! nasib baik tak langgar kereta jeep ganas. we were like tergamam and surprisingly we didnt scream at all! hooray for that. maintain cool tuuu..:p dengan sepantas kilatnya, changed gear and drove my car happily before the pak guard parking kejar us (he was trying to help us actually but this case is super embarrasing kot) i still remember the last word from nunu's mouth before that incident

"aku takut ohh nak naik bukit ni" HAHA hampir mati kat ou. that would be sooo lame seriously mati kat OU amat menyedihkan hahahahah

ate sushi! wipeee. one word ladies and gentlemen, WASSSAAAABIIIIIIII meheheheh we're kinda addicted to the green thingy. had our story time. its been a while we spend our quality time and update about each other.

watched happy potter..ehh noo harry potter.
lovely, i dont understand a thing and nunu macam sedap gila guna my beanie as a selimut. its freezing cold in there. last but not least, karaoke! yeahhhh kewajipan lagu2 mariah carey sume.

at night, picked up my hubby, haziq and ronda-ronda. ngehehehe..nunu, i noe u love to drive my car :P

anyways, i love u babe!

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