Saturday, November 13, 2010


hello wonderful people. i can smell FREEDOMMMM!!! wohoooo!! yes baby sem break is on and home sweet home, here i come!! no more banjir, no more darurat.

after the last paper, apa lagi? mandi sungai laa..hahaha but sadly, my cita-cita tak kesampaian coz my friends wanted me to be the driver for the day. so, i decided to join our ronda-ronda Perlis plan :)

the casts


it was rico's vs mimi's car speeding di jalan raya Perlis. seriously t
ak penah bawak laju macam nak terbang. kereta sewa kuno gila kott!!masuk gear bunyi cam engine motor bot

rico's kumpulan jakun :p

took the car with zikri kat tempat apek and our ronda-ronda perlis begins. first stop Kangar :)
lunch at KFC and then to Padang Besar

ehhh thailand? hehehe..if my hubby was there that time dah lama dah pegi together :p

padang besar.huhu, thing if you wanna go
FREAKING TOILET! dont ever step your feet there coz eeeee jijik i tell you. it's based on true life experience and since then, i traumatized dah nak masuk public toilet. but if you guys still insist and want me to teman? hahahah sorry wont teman coz eee tak sanggup! bluek!

after window shopping and looking at siamese kids menari-menari depan kitaorng, drove to Kuala Perlis pulak to watch the sunset.

but then, on our way there ternampak satu sawah yang indah and
stopped there to watch the scenery

okk main buih lagi. banyak motor kena langgar dengan buih-buih ni. kasihaan

this place is beautiful. and romantic too. really a perfect getaway if u wanna release all the stress in ur head. :)

after sawah, wanted to go to Kuala perlis to eat but we have to return the car. if we know earlier, we would have stayed overnite at sumwhere dah but overall,it was a really fun day. dah lama tak hangout in groups macam ni.

next stop! DAMANSARA YO!

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