Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i may grow some beard here

hello wonderful are you guys? im sure everyone of you are still dry and civilised. hahah guess what. arau dah jadi pulau! yup yup i mean literally, arau dah jadi pulau dah. if you guys watched the news or read the newspaper, perlis was badly flooded and i tell you people, never in my life i would experience this kind of situation. kalau dulu buat essay pasal banjir banjir banjir. nahh rasakan. hahaha

it has been raining non stop for these past few days and i never knew pulak the whole kangar dah banjir. kira paras hips jugak. yesterday we got announcement telling us that all the water supplies will be cut off and maybe we would loose the electricity too! gossh! i was chatting with my hubby that time and when i heard the announcement, terus tinggal semua, cepat-cepat ambik baldi and ambik air. hahahha kinda funny to see the looks on other people's face. becoz of the flood, bekalan air bersih dah tak ada and we have to tahan air untuk kegunaan mandi, basuh and minum. huhu i dont think im gonna take shower this week.

the sad thing is, duit kat atm dah habis and the food supplies pon dah habis. the food court kat dalam uitm sume tutup and ada dua je bukak. imagine everyone in uitm terpaksa berebut2 nak makan nasi. today me and the girls have to crash the guys foodcourt and berebut dengan budak2 laki semata2 nak nasi. imagine my size and the guys tolak2 sume. sedihhh.

kedai kat luar of course, dah tenggelam hahah. rasa awesome but at the same time sedih jugakla. dahla exam week sume. and now baru terasa seksa.

1. no more water in our kolej
i dont think that 2 pails of water and 12 big water bottles could last for 3 days.

2. no foods
yup no foods. seriously. its a good thing that i've prepared the survival foods for me and my roomates. lots of maggie goreng and maggie mee with breads and jam. that could last at least for a week. seriously im kinda lucky to buy all of the foods earlier because there will be no food supplies from outside nak masuk uitm.

3. no money
atm money dah abis. have to use all my duit raya to survive. but i dont thing i will be needing it that much coz there are nothing to buy time2 darurat ni

4. no electricity
well this one, not yet happened but all of us have to prepare because kangar dah jadi zombie town dah. penuh air and no electricity. scary aite.

so, to everyone out there, be grateful with what you have now cause you will never noe what's going to happend in the future. and dont worry guys, im a survivor hahaha. wish me luck ok? missing everyone and i hope i can go back to KL safetly coz jalan keluar masuk Perlis dah tutup. i dont wannna be stranded here. :(

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