Sunday, June 13, 2010

i see dead people

we connected with spirits. unbelievable but butt...its trueee!! played this at sofia's house last, our dreams have finally come true. sofia and i always wanted to play this game and at last dapat jugak cari gang nak main. well, fadzil made the homemade ouija board and everybody was kinda freaked out at first. dahla siap bunyi kucing mengamuk and precautions yang panjang lebar sume. youtube sumpah nak menakutkan orang. in that video ada orang kena rasuk and mata jadi juling.

so yeah, we played this game at 4am in the morning and i we managed to connect with 3 spirits. EZO something2 (ohh they suck at spelling) BYZE and ZAZA (hantu lesbo)

the spirits 'like' fadzil. fadzil cam bomoh ohh

it was creepy coz the spirits kinda knew about our past and future. well, i didn't really believe in them sebab cam syirik kott but anyways in the future i've been told that i'll get my BMW and im gonna be a housewife. and there also some shocking secrets revealed. hmmm

overall, it was an awesome experience. my mom and my granny used to play that game too. want to try it out kat arau pulak la. ZAZA predicted that arau best but im not gonna meet anyone special there.

not gonna let that happend. hahah

ps. i miss shiqin and syira. i really hope that i can meet them before heading to arau.

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