Sunday, June 6, 2010

bimbo moments

last thursday hmmm... what can i say, its bimbo day. blegh, i never ever felt sangat bimbo in one day. not to mention zaf had her bimbo moments too. hoho

went out for my serial dating mission. this time, ajak zaf sekali since zaf ponteng uia balik umah awal. hehhe and she wanted to balas budi for teman-ing her dating ngan aaron ali dulu so this time is my turn la pulak. my date was fazrin. i knew him since form 2 lagi but we never met each other before. so kira ni first time jumpa after berape tahun dah and dalam fb muka dia macam scary but turned out muka dia cam rahman kamin but tough punya version.

soo drove to ou with zaf. dahla tersalah turning masuk kat tempat basement banyak lorry and we were panicked coz it was so dark and macam tempat pembunuhan sume. siap bukak lampu kereta sambil jerit2 ketakutan. that's when i realised that i wore my shades. in the basement. == no wonder it was so dark down there.

and yang paling epic skali masa tragedy anak tudung zaf. ;D

me. fazrin. syawan. zaf

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