Wednesday, June 23, 2010

it's fate

hello wonderful people. i chatted with my besty the other day and suddenly we talked about one topic that makes us go..sigh. and that convo made me realised that all the things that happened to us or to anybody in this world are fated..

500 days of summer. this is not a love story, it's a story about love. one of my favs.

what i learned from this movie? i found out that when it comes to the romance department, everything happened for a reason. breakups are hard but without them, you will never ever meet 'the one' or people say your soulmate. it's part of our phase of life. we met someone. shared the lovely feelings. but if that person is not the one for you, he/she will never be.

there's one time i had this feelings where when i looked at couples at the mall i would be angry for no reason. sometimes when i watch tv and there's a romantic movie on the screen i would switch to the other channel or making annoying sounds. well, i think it's normal kott. or maybe im just too hati batu.

but no matter what, i always believe that someday we will meet someone better and someone that deserve our love and accept the way we are. we just have to give ourselves another chance. let the past be the past. we'r still young baby. bring it on.

like my momma said when i told her that im too lazy for boyfriends rite now

" just go with the flow, if you find someone then just give urself a shot. jangan melawan kuasa tuhan"


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