Wednesday, June 23, 2010

as we go on..we remember

hello wonderful people, i almost done packing my stuff to go the end of the world. yehaaaa... arau! nantikan kemunculan budak bandar di sana. im gonna be the trendsetter. famous city girl. blair waldorf. hahhahaha

the truth is..
im not ready for this!!! noooo please please i dont wanna go there! i still wanna enjoy my free as a bird lifestyle. sleep in the morning and wake up in the evening everyday! :(
when i looked at my stuff. my eyes suddenly berair. bila tengok dinding lagi berair. bila tengok katil..berair plus hingus terkeluar skit :'(

went out and visit most of my friends before i leave. dalam kereta. i would say that im soo emotional sampai bila terdengar lagu tarzan terus cam nak nangis senyap2.

when people say "mimi, kau dah nak pegi dah" lagila sedih. gosshhh i wish that i never accept to go to the end of the world.

i went to uitm puncak alam to visit sofia before and we hangout at the cafe. there's one time when i wanted to buy ice cream at the counter, i laughed. you noe me, i laugh like almost all the time and you noe what reactions i get from the puncak alam people? JELINGAN GO DIE LA YOU OKK!!! :( omg how am i going to survive there? pape pon im ready to basuh baju guna berus tangan. abs, biceps and otot i come!!! ayayayayaiiii

anyways i just wanna say. i love my friends and wish me the best for my life at arau. take care ok people!!!

and anddd i've been thinking nak buat twitter account. just to update my life kat sana. should i?

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