Monday, August 23, 2010

ehh you!!!

pada waktu berbuka yang sepi.. me and my roomates took the picture of the sky. well, we cant really find that kind of view everyday so why not we take a pic? it lasts longer :p

so after the camwhoring and picture snapping session in our lovely room waktu berbuka sudah tiba and we enjoyed our meals as usual.

while slurping my mee sup, suddenly the door was knock loudly by unknown people. kuat gila macam nak roboh pintu tu kott! and then my roomate Fina ( from kedah) pon bukakla pintu..

guess who's knocking our door? 3 pengkids!!!

omg gila scary kott.. my roomates cam dah lari2 nak ambik tudung dah masa dorang nmpak cam 3 "laki" kat luar bilik. but then obviously they're not guys kan. haha and then kitaorng pon tengok dorang semacam. they gave as the same look to but then tetiba dorang tanya whether we took their picture or not. i was like WTF??? sapa nak ambik gamba dorang?

they even cam nak ugut2 ambik our phone because they wanted to see the proves. perasan gila kott padahal kitaorng ambik gamba langit je. hahaha takleh blah.

3 lawan 3 ooh sume buat stunt macam nak gaduh. dah la that time i was wearing baju macam agak girlish so sah2 i cant do the macho pose so i just gave them my bitchy looks. the funny thing is, they thought that we took picture of them while they were hanging out at the pondok outside. and they are not from my kolej so dorng gelabah la yang kitaorng akan report pasal dorang..pelik kott.. i think they were making out kott that time. tu la takut gila hahah

in the end, the said sorry to us..loooseeerrr...

im not surprise if lepas ni pondan pulak. hahahaha :p

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