Friday, August 13, 2010

imma be imma be imma immma immmabee

ehem ehem..its august! weee i love august! august is a month of loovvee...dont you think so? no? february ehh month of love? ahhh anyways i dunno whether im too blurr or im not into all this gossips2 stuff but why there's sooo many couples around here?

hmmm i just found out that most of my classmates baru couple ngan each other. macam trend pulak kat sini. and everytime pegi mana2 mesti nmpak couple. but i must admit that i love to watch couples in university coz they're different from high school lovers. dah la ternmpak orang makeout malam2. tak boleh belahhh..

if they can pass through march, i salute them. hahaha march 2010..suckerrr!!! :p

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