Friday, August 13, 2010

lagu raihan

1st ramadhan 2010

i slept from 2pm until 6pm.

woke up and suddenly i cried.


first time fasting without family and im missing everybody sooo much. call me a cry baby or anything but sedihlaa.. dah la ada orang siap pasang lagu puasa yang sedih2. and im really pissed off if people do call me a cry baby. u're not in my shoes so you wont understand!

hahah okk overdramatic skit.

now i noe how it feels like to do everything alone. before this berbuka satu family makanan sume terhidang. now, kena beli sendiri and makan ramai2 ngn roomates. new experience and by the time i went to the bazaar. hati terus gembira plus we went there ramai2. banyak laki hott okk hahaha. cuci mata, cuci mata..

anyways people.. selamat berpuasa!! ohh i think i can make it to our annual gathering! going back on the 5th of september. naik keretapi yo! huhuhu..

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