Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Study week has started and as always, I took a study leave and went back home last week! Weee! Freaking worth it since I had a very stressful time in Arau. Dengan assignment yang menghadap lappie like most of the time, cuaca panas macam neraka yang membuatkan muka jadi buruk gila and lotsa lotsa negative energy so why not balik rumah for seminggu lebih kan. Brings back my chi and regain my positive energy. hoho

So yeah, spent most of my time with le familia and le beau. Ahh hati senang when I get to see them again. It's like all the negative energy went poof! Sadly tak dapat celebrate birthday Shiqin and meet up with the others coz I was kinda busy with errands but lain kali kita boleh berjumpa. Kinda miss my homies though. Let's buat gathering again bila-bila? How about karaoke session at Redbox ke this time? ;)

Anyways wish me luck for finals! I want DL so so badly I could panjat gunung right now!

ps. Thank you love, for that awesome week. I had a really great time with you :*

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