Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yang halus Yang tulus

Alright I'm kinda weeks late for this post but bohoo screw that. I still wanna post about it. Oh I'm talking about my dinner actually. Sem 4 dinner and the theme was *drumrolls* Bollywood in Arabic Desert.

One word to describe the night. AWESOME!

This time the part 4 students yang organized this dinner. Was having doubts about how the event would go but in the end hmmm everything was a blast! Oh oh.. did I tell you that I performed on that night? hehehee

leggo, let the pics do the talking. I knew I should have update this blog sooner so that the feeling is still fresh but oh well..

Wore this kaftan for that night. Ohh terkenang zaman kegemilangan. :')

Wardah, I tried to pose like her though but then epic fail. haha

I have to say that everyone look so pretty and festive that night.

the girls and me

the boys. Wooh macha habis

mirror mirror on the wall, who's the macha-ness of them all. haha

pak arabs jubah putih. Sejuk pabila memandang :p

wondering why this person is eating outside macam dayang suruhan?
lemme tell you the story guys..

COZ WE HAVE TO! haha well, apparently the Part1 students who were planning not to attend the dinner crashed the party. Eventho that I'm not the person who's handling the foods and stuff but I was pissed I tell you. All the part 4 students have to go back of the dewan and eat. But one thing for sure, It was fun! Maybe it looks like macam kesian gila but sebenarnya lagi meriah. Macam kenduri dah blakang dewan and the part 4's are like bergabung semua :)

oh ehem ehem here comes the performance time
just forget the others and concentrate on me ok? ngeheh
Mimpi laila by Halim and the boys

Now its Halim and the boys + me! :p
Ghazal untuk Rabiah

Halim, Ikram and Don

few of my friends had the video to this but I'm lazy to post it here and anywhere. Malu lah. ;)

Fariz Ikram
The host for the night and my tabla player

well that is all for the night. Hope that next sem's would be as nice as this one.

Ps. had a post party after the dinner. Girls in kaftan gone wild ;p

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