Saturday, January 21, 2012


Found this picture while organizing my photo albums in my lappie. Well, hearing myself "organizing" stuff sounds unbelievable but I manage to do it. *flips hair. Anyways,this post is for you my love. Sorry gamba gross but can't help it. This is one of the best moment with you mehehehe. Kulit pisang bulu di muka yumms!

Yeah, back to the picture, I still remember how we used to be so close. How we share our thoughts just by using our eye contact, gelak macam setan depan surau, share inner jokes that nobody understands us and call kau every sunday and wajib dengar aku jadi gila lepas minum soya. I miss that. But it's true about what you said to me that everybody change. I changed, you changed. Sume orang dah lain and sadly, everybody dah jauh from each other.

After high school paling ketara and after you entered matriks and me dicampak ke Arau..we hangout lesser and from 4 of us hangout then jadi 3.. it's kinda suck that kadang-kadang i feel left out about what's happening to my friend sume. But what to do..Guess what, sometimes when I heard Katy Perry's 'The One That Got Away', It makes me sad. Dunno why but maybe it's because I think that I'm not being a good friend sometimes. Sometimes I wanna call you and all but then I'm kinda afraid that I'm disturbing you or apa. I feel like I'm kinda penyibuk tiba-tiba nak tau pasal orang lain. Gay much? hahaha

anyways I dunno what is the point of this post pon but just wanna let you know that I'm so happy to know that you're happy now babe. We have got to meet! and me wanna get to know who's the boy behind that smokin smile of yours hahaha . Oh and I miss you so much btw. Banyak cerita nak diceritakan nih :p

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