Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 i hope belum kiamat lagi

well, it's never to late to wish Happy 2012.

Dear, blog..I abandoned you again and again. But what to do, everyone dah layan tumblr and 9gag je buat apa nak baca blog. hahaha neways don't warry dear bloggy, I'll still stick with you coz I just found out that I do have a peminat here. Awww. For you dear peminat, I will continue to write. hehe

so, for this year's resolution *drumsroll


1. complete kan last years mission. Which is I would say that I'm kinda impressed with my last's year resolution. Agak berjaya ye di situ :)

2. take care of my face and try to get that porceline skin as soon as possible. Pakai lotion and everything *blah

3. control my temper. Really need to control that. I dunno what happend to my coolness, my 'go with the flow' mantra, it has been lost for a while. Maybe dah umur 20 tahun kot. Darah panas.

4. Smile and online more often. Online here means check everybody's tweets, tumblrs, blogs and appear online more often.

5. control my jealousy. Yeah..

6. DL please

7. Panjat segala gunung yang famous.

8. Be more grateful

hmmm i think thats all for now. At least what I could think of right now. So yeah wish me luck and happy 2012 people :)

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