Monday, July 2, 2012

Take my breath away

This blog is officially lack of attention and soon to be dead. I got a request from my one and only fan and he said "bila nak update blog you?" and I was like. errr I totally forgot about my blog. haha not like there's anyone reading it pon kan. Dah boleh jadi bahan fossil ni. Pity my grandchildren nanti. If they wanna do scrapbook about salahsilah keluarga and wanted to put my blog as a reference mamang tak dapat lah. And I don't think in the future ada scrap-scrap book lagi. sigh..HAHA ok. hmm I might try tumblr instead but ntahlah rasa malas pula. Plus everything is too manstream nowdays. I kan retro :p

Oh well, since this is for my one and only peminat, I will still blog jugakla. So yeah, I'l post something in my free time and do some of recap posts about my semester break last two months. So yeah, this is for you ;)

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