Monday, July 2, 2012

Recap: April

Hello dear flamingo, this is my first recap post! Wipeee! feeling a lil bit excited when I got this idea masa tengah mandi. *syok sendiri again. Alright, let's get started.

On the first week of my part 4 semester break, my Dj peeps, party people, sisters and hubby were not in their holidays. Feeling alone and trying to enjoy my freedom at home, I've decided to spend my holidays doing things that I wanna do without waiting for anyone. Kira ni macam nak accomplish my mission yang tak brape mission while waiting for hubby to come back home la :( uhh.. since hubby was in Malacca doing his intersesi, I've decided to work part time with Syira! :)

First time working yaw and we decided to take the offer to be the...



hahaa lame.

ok, ok so what jadi flier girl, dapat duit apa. Syira and I tried to get a job being an event manager for KIDS birthday party. It's like organizing party and stuff for KIDS! see how I emphasized the word KIDS? hehe  but in the end we decided to take this job since the gaji is not that bad la and getting a job during holidays is not in my mission list sangat pon.

So yeah, worked as a flier girl at a cafe in Uptown. Oh nama cafe tu Jin-Yi btw (i'll elaborate about the cafe later). My job is simple, give fliers about the new opening cafe to random people with certain criteria.

The criteria
1. mostly working people
2.hungry working people
people that look rich and berduit

4.preferable non-muslim (ha, this part yang funny)

It's a simple job but requires you to be super patient and muka tebal. My word of the day was "Hello, new cafe sir." *hands out the flier and smile. Lepastu nampak orang buang kertas tu dekat depan mata -.- Seriously the owner of the cafe siap buat peta bagai where is the most strategic places and time to give the fliers. Dah la while he's briefing us about our job sume ada this big fat cockroach kat belakang dia! omg! Like super big and black! New cafe+cockroach=not a good image boss! *geleng kepala

Ohh, did I tell you that we have to wear polo shirt? hehehe

ok macam loser jap.

neways after working for 4 days under the sun, it's quite an experience jugaklah. Bonus point, while working we get to people watching jugak or in other words, usha or diusha haha :p

oh! theres one day, Syira and I were too tired and the flier tu asyik sama je banyaknya, we decide to walk while giving them to strangers. Cleaner ke, warga asing ke we bagi je and we put SOME in the mailbox, on the c. hehee but then there's this makcik. Remember criteria #4? Syira saw a mak cik (malay) and she decided t
o give the flier to her.

Syira: cik ada cafe baru
ME: pss macam tak sesuai je bagi makcik tu
Makcik: err JIN YI??? halal ke?
Syira: ohh kedai tu tak dapat sijil halal agi but it's alcohol and pork free
Makcik: tak dapat sijil halal? EEE HARAM!! nah ambik balik *throws the flier

seriously I kinda pity Syira but I can't stop laughing at the makcik's expression!
sumpah garang gila.

but then, it was an awesome experience. Dapat la jugak some pocket money. Work for like less than 5days je pun :p

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